The Unlock campaign delivers 58,000 petition signatures to the ECB - Unlock

The Unlock campaign delivers 58,000 petition signatures to the ECB

Today, members of the Unlock campaign delivered a staggering 58,000 petition signatures to Boris Kisselevsky, the Head of the European Central Bank (ECB) Representation in Brussels. The delivery comes on the opening day of the UN Climate Talks (COP28) in Dubai, and just one week ahead of the next trilogue on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) on 7 December.

The campaign, which we at Positive Money Europe led and was backed by 16 other European organisations, is urging the ECB to adopt differentiated interest rates when lending money to commercial banks. This move is aimed at incentivising these banks to offer their customers affordable financing for energy-efficient home renovations. Unlock campaigners and partners have been active not only in the EU but also in Spain and France, calling on central banks and national governments alike to improve public financing options for home renovation and to provide technical assistance facilities for people.

The campaign has seen several victories, including the introduction of unprecedented measures involving banks in the financing of home renovation in the European Parliament’s position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which is currently under review and being negotiated between the EU Commission, Parliament and Council.

With the delivery of the petition signatures, the public-facing aspect of the Unlock campaign comes to a close. However, the voices of the people who joined the call for greener and more efficient houses will continue to echo. Partner organisations involved in the campaign will persist in advocating for bold and ambitious solutions to finance the green transition of Europe’s homes at both the EU and national levels. 

The fight for a greener Europe continues, and the Unlock campaign has proven to be a significant force in this endeavour.

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