Action June 2023: A cool summer is possible - Unlock

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Our living standards are being threatened by the climate crisis, but improving the energy efficiency of our homes can be a solution! Will you help us promote our campaign by emailing your friends, and sharing it on your social media? 

Let’s raise our voices and demand a better, greener future for everyone!

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We are calling on the most powerful EU institutions to provide financial support to renovate our homes. To win, we need more and more people like you to join the movement! Encourage your friends and family to take action by sharing our petition! 

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A cool summer is possible

Summer is a beautiful season. Yet, the climate crisis and the rising temperatures are causing increasingly frequent and widespread heat waves in Europe. Results: sleepless nights due to the heat, a rush to temporary solutions such as fans and, above all, increased health risks for everyone.

But there’s a solution: energy renovation. Well-insulated houses would allow us to maintain a comfortable and adequate temperature all year round.

We can have a cool summer again!

Share our images with your networks and help us spread our message! Let’s ensure that governments and central banks make energy efficient home renovation a social, environmental and political priority!