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Our living standards are under threat from the climate crisis – we need green homes!

As the planet gets hotter, extreme climate events happen more often, and bills keep rising, it’s clear that we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels as we do now, especially for cooling or heating our homes. We need new solutions to tackle the climate crisis, and one of the most crucial steps we can take is to improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

In the EU, buildings are currently responsible for 36% of carbon emissions – we need to take urgent measures to save energy.

Millions of people don’t have access to efficient cooling and heating systems, which would help them cope with the increasingly common summer heatwaves , and the freezing temperatures of winter, without facing sky-high energy bills. People must have the right to live in efficient, green homes.

However, neither public institutions nor banks are providing enough financial support to households to insulate and renovate their homes.

Unlocking more finance for green retrofits we need will support people to live in energy efficient homes, cut our energy bills, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and would also create 1.2 millions new jobs in Europe! We cannot afford to delay the green transition: for a safe and sustainable future for everyone, we must act now, and invest in green homes for all!Β